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Freeze-tag Holiday event!


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Hey everyone! If you hadn't seen, I made a poll for the idea of a PvP Holiday event. Let me explain the details for those who would like to know what the event is before deciding whether or not you would like to participate. By participating in the event, you are aware that you may lose items or be killed at “random” due to it's PvP nature. If you are interested in participating, make sure to sign up by posting your name in the forum. We would need a minimum of 10 people for the event to take place! Signs-ups close December 26th at 1am EST. A warp will be opened starting day for those who would like or need items to participate.

Here's what I had in mind:

The event is a mesh of Freeze-Tag and Infection/Zombies. There is one “seeker” also known as “The Snowman” to start things off. To determine who the Snowman will be, everyone who wants a chance to be it, will react to the announcement post on discord and on the day of the event will be chosen at random. The Snowman is unknown until the event starts, just so people don't know who it is immediately. Everyone else are known as the “hiders” or the “Elves.” The job of the Snowman is to “Freeze” all of the Elves, and it is the job of the Elves to stay alive and help those who get tagged/frozen. Now, here comes the PvP aspect of the event. How you tag or unfreeze someone is by winning in combat. If you are a Snowman and you kill or “Freeze” an Elf, they become a Snowman as well. However, if an Elf wins the combat with a Snowman, or previously known Elf, that Snowman becomes “unfrozen” and is an Elf again. However, there is a time-limit for the reversal. There will be a 24 hour period of when you can turn the Elf-turned-Snowman back. If the Elf-turned-Snowman isn't reverted within the 24-hour period, they will stay a Snowman. If the original Snowman is killed by an Elf, the game will continue. There is no way of killing the Snowman for good or ending the game.

Here are some more rules and details:

- The Nether and End are “Safe-zones” or “No PvP areas.”

- The Nether and the End are off limits during PvP aspects of the event. Gameplay will remain normal otherwise.

- Elves cannot hide in the Nether or End when it comes to a chase or combat with a Snowman.

- Snowmen can't keep items from the Elves.

- Unenchanted Iron armor and gear will be needed. If you don't have the necessary gear, it will be provided at /warp Freeze. (PLEASE ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU NEED)

- The event will run from Monday December 28th to Friday January 1st or until every Elf is frozen.

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