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Info- Donor Ranks Update

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Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing fine and are safe during these days.

We're reworking our server donor system! Here's what we want to achieve with this change (TL;DR):

  1. return to using a proper webstore system- this would:
    • clarify on what perks come with each rank
    • enable faster, automated purchase handling
  2. cut down on redundant/lesser used donor ranks
  3. add server-wide temporary perks
    • e.g. mcMMO exp boosts for everyone
    • NB: we will still be EULA-compliant with these changes


Moving forward, server purchases ("donor ranks") will be handled via an automated store webpage. This will describe everything you get upfront, at the payment screen. No more switching between PDFs or extraneous links! Check out the website here, or type /buy ingame.

Donor Rank Changes

In our current system, we have 4 tiers of donors. We've noticed that the vast majority of players either went with donor tier 2, or donor tier 4. This is because tiers 2 and 4 had the most perks. As a result, we're merging the perks for donor tier 1 with donor tier 2, and donor tier 3 with donor 4. Everyone in tier 1 or 3 will be automatically upgraded to tier 2 and 4- no action is required on your part. So in summary, our 4 tiers are being amalgamated to 2 tiers.

We're also looking for suggestions on what to name our two refined ranks. Post your suggestions below, and a poll will be held in a week to determine the most popular combo!

Server-wide Boosts

We'd like to introduce some small, temporary perks that you'd be able to buy as well. Perhaps you want to grind alchemy with your buddies, and want to give everyone 24 hours of bonus mcMMO experience. You could be clearing out an expansion area to your underground base, and want bonus time on superbreaker. By buying one of these boosts, you'd help everyone out with their skills progression, while helping with server upkeep costs. It's a win-win!

We strive to ensure that everyone has an equal gameplay experience, so any of these boosts will always be active for players online before it expires. Note that neither boost multipliers nor durations stack, so please wait until the previous boost has expired before sponsoring another one.

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