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1.16 Build Ideas


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Hey all figured we could start a little thread here talking about things we are looking to build.

Personally I have some crazy shop ideas that I'm going to build once we go live in 1.16.

I know our mod Tryzahard is going to make Atlantis! (Should be epic)

So post below what kind of things you guys will be building share some inspirations, and also swing by the showcase channel and show off some of those crazy builds from this Season of Noobcraft and others if you're a long time vet or not!

Hope you are all doing well during the Covid outbreak as well. See you in game!

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Im not much of an idea guy but i can try:

I say make the shop district location in the nether, with the new blocks and stuff that is, might fit well and also needs to be mob proof from those ghasts, might not be a good idea but i thought it would fit.

Not sure if spawn is still in building but, maybe you should make it a part nether theme and abandon theme, where some blocks are missing, vines are growing, and maybe add some of those stem blocks that it looks like its slowly spreading around spawn.

thats all i can think of..

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  • 3 months later...

Normally I would build something like an underground railway or try make a town but I've decided for 1.16 I'll do something completely different.


I am planning a multi-purpose arena/stadium to hold Mob showdowns, Spleef contests or anything else that can be played in an enclosed space! 

There will be many other features too which keep quiet until closer to the time 😉

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