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Recap #2 (20 Jan 2019)

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Happy (belated) New Year! Here's some of the things that have happened since the recap.

Questions, comments, concerns? Post them below (or contribute anywhere else on the forums), and be entered for a free steam game raffle! Winners will be announced next announcement.


  • Updated to 1.13.2
  • Note on server activity issues
  • Players can now set 3 homes
  • Enabled /ncbuy again
    • New silkspawn perk!
  • New ">>list" discord command
  • Added new veteran chat tiers (ingame)
  • Bug fixes


1.13.2 Update

We've (finally) updated to 1.13.2- sorry for the delay! If you notice any bugs or other issues that weren't there in 1.13.1, please report them below.

Server Activity Issues

We've been hearing your complaints about low server activity. We're looking into solutions (some involving radical changes as well) to help mitigate these issues. After we finish polishing up a list of possible changes as a staff team, we'll post a poll here on the forums for your input. Be sure to keep checking back for the polls- every single opinion (positive or negative) counts.

In the meantime, feel free to post any suggestions in the suggestions forum!

Feature Additions

Max Home Count Increased to 3

Thanks to Tryz's (Tryzatar/Tryzahard/Thrasher on discord/mc) contribution of $50 this month, all players can now set up to 3 sethomes!

Re-enabled /ncbuy

We've enabled /ncbuy again! It was previously disabled to allow for a rewrite of the command to use 1.13.2's new command completion features, but I haven't been able to work on it lately. The prices have been cut to compensate for the 1.13 economy changes, but are still significantly higher than last map.


Silkspawn Perk

Due to popular request, we have implemented the silkspawners plugin. This perk allows you to pick up any spawner with a silk touch pickaxe, and place it back down again! This will allow for mob farms to be relocated to within your base, town, etc.

As per our EULA donations compliant policy, this is not locked to donors only- everyone can have access to it by paying the same amount of ingame currency.

Discord >>list Command

For convenience, I've added a command to list online players in the discord linked server chat bridge channel (#server). Try it out now by typing >>list in the channel!


Not a part of the discord server yet? You can join by clicking the DISCORD button on the top right hand corner of this page.

6 & 7 Year Veteran Tiers

We've added tier 6 and tier 7 veteran ranks! These are purely cosmetic (just like the other veteran ranks).
Tier 6:
Tier 7:
These are not retroactively applied, so if you meet the year count requirement, just contact me ingame, discord, or here on the forums.

Bug fixes

  • You can now no longer trigger one-player sleep during the day
  • Name hovertext in chat no longer colours the player's name based on their prefix colour, but rather their rank colour. This change brings what is displayed in the tooltip in line with what is displayed in chat.
    Original behaviour:
    Current behaviour: z516QFh.png

Thanks for playing!

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