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Legends Server Staff Agreement


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To remain a Staff Member on Noobcraft, we are implementing an agreement to ensure the integrity and goodwill of the server's leadership.  All Staff Members must agree to and adhere to the following terms:

You will not use any Staff Abilities unless they are actions specifically pertaining to Staff Duties.

-You will only use Spectator Mode to keep an eye on potential greifers.

-You will only use /tp for users requesting Staff Intervention.  Without a request, use /tpa. 

- /god and /fly are forbidden without Administrator Approval.

Negativity is to be kept to yourself and/or escalated to a higher ranked Staff Member.  If you have a problem with a user, the game, or the server, think before speaking.  If it doesn't benefit anyone by saying it, don't say it.  In positions of authority, your views are amplified, be they good or bad.  We are here to help users enjoy their time, not to spread discontent.

Do not take actions against users for their use of profanity.  Chat filters are in place and controlled by the Administrators for this purpose.  If something needs to be censored, it will be by the filter.  If you feel something new needs to be filtered, message an Administrator.  Chat should only be moderated for homophobia, racism, ageism, or other blatantly offensive, targeted speech towards users.

If you have an issue with something, escalate it to the rank above you- do not publicly display it.  

The purpose of these limitations is to prevent us from abusing our roles, to avoid over-moderating users who are just trying to have a good time, and to keep the peace between everyone.

In the spirit of promoting a healthy community, we also encourage Staff Members to reach out to anyone showing signs of depression or need for emotional support.  The Administrators and Owners here understand that no one here is a therapist or necessarily qualified to help with such issues; however, we believe it would be beneficial to offer support links to those in need.  That being said, if someone reaches out in chat or expresses signs of depression, consider directing them to one of the following resources; they are Discord Servers specializing in Mental Health and Emotional well-being.  This response is not required, rather it is highly encouraged.


If you agree to these terms, please post a reply to this thread saying "I agree to these terms". 

Disclaimer: This document will be updated as the need arises, and Staff Members will be notified upon edit.

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  • Legend Moderators

Thank you Crystal.  I believe these are good policies and clearly agree 100%.  Thank you!

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