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1.17 Noobcraft building competition!


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Hey everyone! With the 1.17 update coming out very soon, we have a new competition for you guys! Here's how things are going to go:

For the next few weeks, we're holding another building competition! Everyone that participates will get a special in-game kit moving into 1.17, and the top 3 participants will receive a special title in-game and role in the Discord. Along with this, ANY builds in a Medieval or Rustic theme may make it into the Hub build as either a usable structure or Town House!

The build competitions theme is going to be "Medieval/Rustic." However, any style of build can be submitted if they follow a few additional guidelines listed below:

-Builds cannot be NSFW in nature, and as an extension, cannot break any server/Discord rules
-Builds cannot be too large (No megabuilds, sorry 😞 )
-Builds does NOT have to be a building, but it should have some sort of natural or structural base to it. Pixel art and farms are not allowed.
-Please don't take it too seriously and try to have fun ❤️

All of that being said, Helpers and Staff of the server will be the Judges and the contest will end on Saturday, June 26th for plenty of time to finish your build.

Winners will be announced on July 1st. 

With all that out of the way, thank you for being part of our community! Here's to 1.17! 

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