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RuubgamingYT ban appeal

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Username: RuubgamingYT

Date of ban: 29 Jul 2020 at 02:06:16 UTC

Ban reason: Griefing an admin

Why should we unban you? (explain):


(Sorry for bad english)

It is a long time ago that I have been online. so I went back Yesterday. and I am banned. the reason was that i griefed an admin. I was'nt understanding sinds right now I wouldnt think of doeing that.

I can imagen my brother did it, sinds he has done some really stupid things in the past like destroying my screen. he is able to go on to my minecraft account so I give it a high chance it was him. the last time what i did on the server (what i can remember) was that i was building a shop.


I would really like to go on the server. I am really enjoing it. in the begin (when i joined) i thought this was a really bad server, and I typted that. at that moment someone came to me and explained how it worked and gave me some stuff. like food and gear. from that point on I liked the server and played nearly everyday. I am planning to build a big house that is connected truh tunnels.


I will ask my brother and will make sure he cant play on my account anymore. also I will not do anything on the server and follow the rules.

I hope you understand and that I will be able to enjoy my survival time again!




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Hello there, thank you for the appeal you've made. Upon further consideration, your ban will be lifted and you can rejoin Noobcraft. Please make sure to log off when you're done playing so it doesn't happen again, as it's your account and responsibility! Welcome back to Noobcraft!

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