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Perm - RicoGamerBoi

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Staff member issuing ban: Smspc
Username: RicoGamerBoi
UUID: 85702550-ad3e-46bd-bb33-1eee949af924
Date banned: 26 Jul 2020 at 17:23:45 UTC
Duration: permanent
Reason: you want to act like a child while being joked with, ill treat you like a child. Until you can learn to behave and control whatever issues you may have, enjoy being banned from NC. Dont attempt any appeals until you can prove to me you've changed, i dont want to hear it.


There is no room here for you to act like this especially as long as you've been here. IF SOMETHING BOTHERS YOU, tell the person hey im not a fan of this please dont, and if they DONT let a staff member know.


NEVER do what you did in the discord.

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