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To banned players regarding your punishment

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NOTE: I kinda feel like talking about this and just to hope if i can try to clear things up, remove this if its too harsh.

So, you've seen the title, and I want to talk about this, when you get banned after something you done, you either accept it or try to appeal and never do it again. Thing is some people can get a second chance after doing an appeal, once discussion is made when you are unbanned, make sure to not do it again, and i mean NEVER again break rules.

If you are still banned after being denied and/or tried to make another appeal, you have to learn to fully accept the punishment, don't just come back for a lot of begging, as doing so will lose your privileges and the ability to use this forum website.

As far as I know, there won't be third chances, everyone has to follow the rules, it is not that hard.

Of course there will be times on the server where some tiny mistakes which can happen, but a big major mistake can lead to serious consequences.

If any of you permanently banned players are here reading this, I hope you learned your lesson based on what you did and not act like this again on other servers.

And remember: If you are still permanently banned after denial of appeal, never beg to get out scot-free, arguing is not an option!

Well I hope this sums up everything on what I said here, peace out!

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