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Recap #1 (17 Oct 2018)

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Hey all! Every two weeks or so we'll be posting a recap of all the updates and news in one convenient article. This will let us keep everyone up to date on what's been happening recently.


  • New /ncperks command for modifying custom donor prefixes/suffixes
  • Preset prefixes for basic donors can now be accessed via /nctitle
  • Armour stands can now be posed for donors tier 2 and above
  • The Halloween build contest is starting soon! (contest info)
  • In-game prize raffle- details below!

Custom Donor Prefixes/Suffixes

I've rewritten /donorprefix and /donorsuffix from scratch- it can be accessed with /ncperks. The new rewrite implements full tab-complete functionality, and will also give you a nifty preview of what your complete name string looks like in chat. All future donor commands will be amalgamated into it too. Hopefully this streamlines usage enough that you don't have to memorize a bunch of single commands.


Donor Preset Prefixes

/nctitle can now be used to set the preset Donor 1 and Donor 2 prefixes. These work just like the default titles, and have tab-complete support:


We've also added support for filtering prefixes available in /nctitle by category. This should help with information overload when you want to list them.


Posable Armor Stands

Donor 2 and Donor 4 can now customize armor stands!

This means as a Donor 2 you can right click with flint to add arms, change the size from a normal stand to a small baby stand, as well as some basic movement functions.

Donor 4 is our lucky winner- you get full access to the armor stands. By right clicking with a piece of flint, you can manipulate the entire stand. This means you can pose them, copy and paste them, make them float (among other things).


Need some help with it? Feel free to ask your NC Staff!

Halloween Build Contest

Halloween is coming up, and so is a Halloween themed build contest! Register in the contest thread when the build plots open up and start building. Once the week of Halloween rolls by, players will be able to trick or treat at your build contest entries. During this period, everyone will be able to vote on the best themed house via the forums. Total prize pool for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place is $90 worth of games!

Contest info thread


Got a build you want to show off, or a project you've been working on? Post about it in the Survival//Showcase forum and we can link it here!

Announcement Raffle

Post a comment below detailing what you'd like to see on the server, to be entered into the announcement raffle! The comment can suggest a new feature that you think would make the server more interesting, suggest a change to an existing feature, or even be able what you like about the changes described in this recap. Anything helps!

The prizes for the raffle include mcMMO experience in skills of your choice, in-game currency, and in-game loot. The winner will be announced in the next recap announcement.


Thanks for playing on NC, and feel free to comment below with feedback, suggestions, or tips!

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