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1.14 Going Live!!!!

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Hey everyone, sorry for the wait! It's finally time we tell you what's up with updating to 1.14. Coming with 1.14, we have a new spawn. The spawn itself is inspired by real life cities, such as New York. In the center lies a park with a massive tree (throwback to 1.11!), and surrounding the park is a road system. Laying outside of the road system is an assortment of plots bought via ingame money that are meant for skyscrapers. Anyone can buy a plot. To the North of spawn is the shopping district, returning and redesigned from 1.12. Anyone can build anywhere in the shopping district so long as it doesn't impede someone else's build. Normal houses aren't permitted to be built in that area. To the South of Spawn is the Noobcraft National Bank, where you can sell your ores and make a quick buck. That's not all, though. Spawn is currently incomplete. Beyond the skyscraper plots lies open land. This land is completely open to players! I encourage you to build to your heart's content in this area - with respect other players' builds, of course. This means that spawn is no longer a staff project, but a server-wide project; and I hope everyone will participate in making it something truly unique.
We have some more news that may make some people unhappy. The border in the 1.14 map now only has a diameter of 15 thousand blocks - that's 7.5k on either axis. This border limit doesn't affect the End or the Nether. But there's also some good news, too; Twice a month, the border will expand by two thousand blocks in all directions from 0,0. The reasoning behind this change is to slow down the game and allow everyone equal opportunity to achieve things ingame. This time around, the dragon won't be completed week one, and there should be more interactions held between everyone.
For now though, I hope you enjoy the server as we transfer from 1.13 into 1.14. There are a lot of changes strewn about the server, and more are to come. Be sure to visit the #recommendations channel if you want to spread your own ideas, and who knows - maybe they'll come to light. Please be sure to spread word of the server to your friends!
We love you all, -Sun, Smspc, Wolfal and the rest of the Noobcraft Gaming team.
Server Going LIVE TODAY 10am EST Saturday 27th 2019

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